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Made to measure.


Tailor Store


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One size only. Yours.

Tailored clothes are not only a question of style, with clothes that fit you perfectly, but also a question of sustainability. Well tailored clothes of quality material can be enjoyed for many years.

Tailor Stores strong conviction is that “a tailored wardrobe is slow fashion and that’s good for both you and the environment.”

We are proud to have Tailor Store as a returning client. Our photographer Mickale Tannus has done several fashion photo shoots for different seasons and he has joined Tailor Store in Florence, Copenhagen and New York.

The target group is the conscious, urban man. That’s why the pictures are taken in an urban environment. And the natural lighting makes the pictures feel more like snap shots from reality more than a fashion shoot.

Photographer: Mickael Tannus, Jakobsson Addemotion
Models: Christian Shamani, Karl-Johan Brandt
Stylist: Sabina Causevic, Tailor Store


Commercial ad about Tailor Stores app “Size:me” that takes better measurements than a measuring tape. The future is here.